Apple will be opening Apple mini-stores inside of Targets, according to a new Apple rumor that began circulating late last week. Of course, in typical Apple fashion, the tech giant neither confirmed nor denied the report.

According to AppleInsider, who quoted an unnamed source “familiar with Apple’s plans”, Apple is planning to open up to 25 Apple branded areas inside of Target stores. They will focus on putting them in locations that are unable to support traditional stand-alone Apple stores.

Target does currently carry a number of select Apple products, including some of the most popular, such as the iPad, some versions of the iPhone, and the iPod. However, Apple mini-stores inside Targets may allow Apple to carry their full lineup and have it presented to shoppers by full time Apple personnel (at least in select locations).

If this rumor proves true, this would be the second nationwide chain inside of which Apple has placed its own stores. Over 600 BestBuy’s have ‘Apple Shops’ inside of them, some with dedicated Apple staff.

AppleInsider points out that there are 1752 Target stores in the US, so the placement of 25 Target/Apple mini-stores would be a small start. Apple has 245 freestanding Apple stores in the US, 359 worldwide.