Following the success of both ‘Dark Souls I & II’ and the ever praised ‘Demon Souls,’ fans are eagerly awaiting From Software’s upcoming title ‘Bloodborne.’

Boasting a faster, and more fluent, combat system than the previous ‘Souls’ series, ‘Bloodborne’ seems to be preparing us for a gameplay experience we won’t soon forget.

Recently, at the E3 events, fans had a chance to try out ‘Bloodborne’ for themselves in a short demo to see and feel the new combat system. The response was overwhelming with players praising the new combat system as being much more aggressive.

Players of From Software’s previous ‘Souls’ series may have become accustomed to a certain security in a “turtle” play style; hiding behind a shield while waiting for the prime opportunity to strike.

This is all about to change in ‘Bloodborne’ as the there will no longer be an option to block. Fans will be forced into an aggressive play style as they rush for the first hit on an enemy.

‘Bloodborne’ is certain to keep our adrenaline flowing as we struggle to succeed with minimal room for error.

Beyond the combat, ‘Bloodborne’ is showing a darker environment than what we are accustomed to; taking us deep into what can best be described as an abandoned Victorian Era city, overrun with demons and pitchfork wielding townsfolk alike.

From looking up to see the full moon staring back down at you, to the numerous burning piles of bodies, ‘Bloodborne’ will tighten your grip on the controller through every hour of this game. ‘Bloodborne’ is scheduled for a 2015 release exclusively on the Play Station 4 and is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of the year.

What do you think about the “Jack the Ripper meets Mr. Hyde” environment and the improved combat system?

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