Will Frozen Spot It Theme Charm Your Little Ones?

Spot It! Disney Frozen Numbers & Shapes is one of the latest in Blue Orange Games Spot It! line. The game is for two to six players ages 3 and up.

How it works:

If you’ve played any version of Spot It!, the Frozen Numbers & Shapes version will be familiar. If not, the concept is simple. The game comes with 31 round cards. On each card, one picture matches exactly one picture on every other card. There are three ways to play, but the matching is what makes the game.

What sets this version apart is the Frozen theme, with Olaf the snowman featuring on many of the cards. The cards also have familiar items for little ones, mostly with a summer theme, as well as basic shapes and the numbers one through nine.

Unlike Spot It! for adults, this version has fewer cards, and each card has just six images.

Why you might buy Spot It! Disney Frozen Numbers & Shapes:

The game is fun and fast. As people call out the matches, there will be lots of laughter and silly frustration.

If your kids love Olaf, this is a great way to get them engaged with recognizing their numbers and shapes, and they won’t be thinking about the educational value of the game.

This version of Spot It! is a clever way to introduce young children to party games. Adults will have fun playing it with their kids, and the kids might even win.

Every symbol on the cards is familiar. There wasn’t a picture my just-turned-3-year-old didn’t recognize.

Why you might not buy Spot It! Disney Frozen Numbers & Shapes:

If you’re looking for Elsa and Anna, the princess from the movie, you won’t find them here. You should check out Spot It! Disney Frozen Alphabet instead.

If your children are very young, they might not engage with the game. I have two preschoolers who just turned 3 and 4, and neither of them would play for more than a couple of card matches. They both like other matching games, including those rated for older children, but this one didn’t click for them. I think that’s because the pictures are different sizes on the cards.

My conclusions:

There’s a reason Blue Orange Games has so many versions of Spot It! It’s a really good game.

Adding a subtle educational mode to the game is a great move, one parents will likely appreciate and children won’t notice.

While my daughter loves princesses, and I don’t discourage that, I’d prefer she have other role models at her young age. For that reason, it’s nice to have Olaf on the cards.

Even though my two kids aren’t quite ready for this game, I think they will be in a few months, and it will find its way to their game shelf. And because the gameplay is so good, I think it will have more staying power than other games aimed at very young children.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of Spot It! Disney Frozen Numbers & Shapes from Blue Orange Games. I wasn’t required to write a positive review. These are my honest opinions.

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