Black Eyed Peas singer and entrepreneur has announced his latest consumer electronics product, which are called the EPs Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

Available in black and gold colors, the headphones retail for $229.95 and are exclusive to Apple and Apple stores. They are meant to work with iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches.

The product certainly offers a unique look: It boasts a circular form factor, meant to resemble vinyl records, while rather than “left” and “right,” the two sides read “right and wrong” and “left and gone.” In addition, the singer’s voice can be heard each time users turn on the device or connect to Bluetooth.

The headphones also come with a Limited Collector’s Edition box set, with special lifestyle booklet custom-made by himself. has long been associated with the consumer electronics industry as a product endorser and strategist. For a time he was Director of Creative Innovation for Intel, and launched his own electronics brand called two years ago, beginning with the i.amPULS smart band wearable device.

What do you think? Are’s headphones for you?