Will Movies On DVD, Blu-ray, Become A Thing Of The Past?

Having a movie on a physical disc may become a thing of the past, if new technology service from Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) takes off. And with Amazon jumping on board early, it just might.

The Verge is reporting today that  DECE executive director Mark Teitell announced that a deal between DECE and Amazon was closed a few days ago. Details on what the deal involves are very slim at this point, but The Verge reported that Bill Carr, executive VP of digital media at Amazon, made it clear during a round-table discussion at CES with the executives of Sony, Fox, Universal, and Warner, that Amazon wants to provide their shoppers choices, and would continue to offer movies in a variety of formats.

That said, we must consider that movies on discs may eventually go the way of vinyl records.

A slew of studios and tech companies are getting behind the idea of UltraViolet distribution. It makes sense that Amazon is jumping on early, as they have developed an entire ecosystem around the Kindle Fire and digital access of content.

The UltraViolet service from DECE functions as a digital library. When a shopper purchases a movie or TV show, they can enter the “proof of purchase” into the library. After the information is entered, the movie or show can be streamed through most any mobile device, computer, television, game console, etc, or downloaded. Streaming also works on most internet connected cable/satellite set-top boxes, according to DECE. There is no cost to join the service.

UltraViolet just got started in October, 2011, and, so far they claim that 750,000 UltraViolet accounts have been set up. It will have a ways to go before it’s “mainstream” – and we still have a lot to learn about the service as it develops. We will watch for it to show up on Amazon and through other distributors and keep you in the loop here at CP.

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