Updated: Will The New iOS 6 Update Fix Battery Drain Issues?

Updated: Will The New iOS 6 Update Fix Battery Drain Issues?

In December, Consumer Press had a story about how the new iOS 6 update caused a battery drain problem after its latest update.

This week Apple released an iOS 6.1.2 that will fix the battery drain problem, and a few other bugs that are in the operating system. iOs 6.1.1 was released last week for iPhone 4S users to fix connectivity problems. Tech Radar is reporting that he cause of the batter drain was syncing issues with the Microsoft Exchange program.

cNet reported that the new update was released this morning.

There is no news yet if the update actually worked, or if there will be other problems that it could possibly cause.

There is also still no news if the update will fix all of the current bugs with the iOS 6 system, including blocking Evasi0n, the iOS 6 Jailbreak program.

Update: cNet is now reporting that Evasi0n has made an update of their own to their programming to keep up with the iOS update. Evasi0n 4.0 (the program created to jailbreak the iPhone), was announced yesterday by a tweet from @Evad3rs. Apple will have to work a little faster if they want to remove the threat of Evasi0n.

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