William Shatner Launches Kickstarter For Book & Website

William Shatner has launched a Kickstarter project for a book and website called Catch Me Up.

The project is aimed at people over 50, who Shatner says “have been pretty beat up lately with downsizing, a slumping economy, and so many changes in the way things work.”

He said the book is about “achieving great things in your life at any age” and “how to leverage the new technology around us today to do anything you want, at warp speed.”

In the book, Shatner interviews people who had been laid off and later became successful.

It’s a story he knows something about, having been unemployed more than 400 times himself.

He is partnering with Matt Andrews, a technical adviser. He also plans to create a website in conjunction with the book.

The Kickstarter pledge levels range from $1, which will get you listed on the website as an official backer, to $10,000, which earns you and five of your friends a table at the William Shatner Charity Gala, a chance to meet Shatner, get a photo, get your books signed (you get five copies of the hardback, paperback, and digital formats), plus five T-shirts and five wristbands.

Shatner said he decided to use Kickstarter so he can collaborate with backers.

“I’m encouraging people to use new tools like Kickstarter to start their own business, so I thought why not create this book the same way?”

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