Willie Nelson posted a $2500 bond and was freed from jail today. Nelson had been charged with possession of 6 ounces of marijuana.

The marijuana was found on his tour bus on Friday morning. Willie Nelson had been traveling aboard the bus from California to his ranch near Austin, Texas. The bus was pulled over at a routine checkpoint operated by the US Border Patrol. Willie Nelson identified the marijuana as his.

Willie Nelson is a co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) advisory board, and has advocated for more liberal marijuna laws for years. If convicted of possession, Nelson could face up 180 days in the Hudspeth County jail.

Arvin West, the Hudspeth County Sheriff, said Willie Nelson would be treated just like anyone else if required to serve time at the  Hudspeth County jail, according to the El Paso Times. ” I’m going to make him cook and clean. He can wear the stripy uniforms just like the other ones do,” the Sheriff was quoted as saying.

Nelson is expected to return to his tour schedule, and to appear at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma this evening.