Microsoft’s latest announcement regarding its signature operating system, Windows 10, was generally received with cautious optimism at best and hostile skepticism at worst.

News for Shopper’s own Stephen Jacobi is highly skeptical of the announcement, stating that it is yet to be determined whether Microsoft can live up to the expectations it has set for Windows 10.

But what exactly are the expectations Microsoft has set for Windows 10? Some of the more prominent features announced include:

• The return of the Start menu with live tiles included along with its traditional functions
• “Continuum” interface that detects your device and switches between Laptop Mode and Tablet Mode
• Multiple desktops that can be switched out at will
• “Snap Assist” that makes it easier to organize and access windows across multiple desktops
• A different version of Windows 10 for phones

Do note that these are the early features announced for Windows 10, with Microsoft mum about the specific consumer features until next year.

Windows 10 is expected to be released in 2015, although Microsoft plans to release a technical preview for early adopters sometime next week.

What do you think about Microsoft’s attempt to redeem itself after the lackluster performance of Windows 8?

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