Windows Phone 7 Mango Update – More New Features Revealed

The highly anticipated Mango update of Windows Phone 7 is coming closer, and as usual the world is getting more info about the upcoming update. The wait for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango update has got even longer after Microsoft announced around 500 new features in it.

Critics assumed that the 500 new features would be mainly bug fixes and ‘500’ was just a round figure to make it look great. But Microsoft is proving quite the opposite. What they called features really are some innovative new features, not just some bug fixes. Recently, some new features were revealed about the Mango update. The list of the new features include Xbox Live Voice Chat, better integration with Xbox 360 and also multiplayer gaming. Pushing live contents from the 360 to WP7 phone will also be possible after this update.

Another interesting feature in the upcoming Mango update is the improved HTML5 support. Though the whole HTML5 implementation is not shown yet, the specific improvements which have been revealed are really impressive. The users will be able to play in-browser audio in a separate player or interface and the playback will continue even when the page is changed or the screen is locked. Users can turn that on or off from the lock screen.

From the deal with Nokia to the new update; Microsoft appears to be on their way to take their new phone OS to the level of the big competitors. The new Mango update features tell that too. I looks like Android and iOS will another major competitor in the OS field.