Winter Coats – How Many Do You Need?

Winter Coats – How Many Do You Need?

Despite what many fashion gurus say, you do NOT need to have a whole wardrobe of coats.

Many of them say that you have to have a trench coat, a winter coat for work, another one for special occasions, another one for weekends/casual, and (if you live in a cold climate) a super-warm coat.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. You need only two coats: a trench coat and a neat, clean, refined winter coat.

With the trench, I do agree with other fashion gurus: every woman needs one.

Trench coats are not only practical for every season except for winter, but they are attractive and super-stylish.

There are even some women who have gotten away with wearing a trench coat as their outfit with nothing underneath.

No, I do NOT recommend you go that far. But a trench coat can be a stylish addition to an outfit. It looks amazing with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a basic black dress/skirt-and-top.

Make sure it fits over whatever you might wear underneath, but closely enough so that you don’t drown in it.

Most trenches come with a belt, and it looks best when it’s tied, not buckled. Neutrals are best for color, but there’s nothing wrong with a bright color if it works with the clothes you’ll wear underneath.

As for your winter coat, I say that you only need one. Unlike your trench, which can be a part of your outfit anywhere, your winter coat is generally not worn indoors, so you don’t need to worry about how appropriate it might be.

It should be clean, neat, and refined in its shape so that you can wear it anywhere.

As with the trench, it should fit over whatever you might wear underneath, but not be so big that you drown in it. And again, neutrals are best, but colors are fine considering that you won’t be wearing it all the time. I had a wool peacoat ($15 at a rummage sale) with color blocks all over. It kept me warm and happy (colors make me happy) for over 5 winters.

If you can afford it, feel free to buy as many coats as you want, as long as they fit well and look good. Just make sure you have what you need first.

Stay warm.