It took 10 years, but Zach Braff finally delivered his directorial follow up to Garden State with the deeply personal indie Wish I Was Here.

Wish I Was Here is all about Braff entering adulthood, as a filmmaker, as an actor, and as a person. But he does so with the same zany sense of humor and childlike wonder that he’s always had, making the film in many ways a more mature version of Garden State.

In the film, Braff plays a man in his mid 30’s who’s struggling to make his dream a reality, unable to provide for his family, and soon learns that his father is dying of cancer. The result is a move that’s equal parts funny, heart warming, gut wrenching, and profoundly moving.

Of course, Braff didn’t do all this alone; he got exceptional performances from his supporting cast, including Mandy Patinkin, Kate Hudson, Josh Gad, and the young Joey King, as well as great comic relief from his close friends Jim Parsons and Donald Faison.

Those that enjoyed Garden State will also like Wish I Was Here, and those that didn’t should give Braff a second chance; this movie deserves it.

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