Woody Allen has found the filming location for his next movie, and it’s the smallest state in the union: Rhode Island. The Boston Globe is reporting that casting is underway in Boston, with filming for the still untitled project set to begin in July in Rhode Island.

Allen once said he would never film anywhere but Manhattan, but that went out the window years ago, and after several of his recent movies were filmed abroad, Allen is coming back to the states for his next one.

Little is known about the plot of Allen’s new movie, except that it will involve both both intellectuals and non-intellectuals. We do know that the film will take place in Boston, hence the New England film location, and it will star Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix.

Stone is fresh off a starring role in Allen’s last movie Magic in the Moonlight, which is slated for release July 25. Magic in the Moonlight was filmed in the south of France, and in addition to Stone, the movie stars Colin Firth and Marcia Gay Harden, among many others.

There’s no title or release date for Allen’s new movie, but filming will begin next month in Rhode Island.

How do you feel about Allen doing a movie with a Boston setting?  What about the casting of Stone and Phoenix together?  Let us know below.