World’s Best Cat Litter – Really The Best, Or False Advertising?

Don’t you hate cleaning up after your cat?

For years, World’s Best Cat Litter has been making corn based cat litter that alleviates the worst part of cat care: scooping the litter box.

With the differences in prices between clay and corn-based litter, one should ask if the latter is worth the extra dollars. This humble reviewer believes it in fact is.

Clay cat litter tends to leave a noxious odor in its wake. You know who the crazy cat lady is when she walks by, smelling like ammonia.

Litter made with corn any given day leaves no odor. The first day, the cat’s poop might leave it’s own smell, but by the next day, no odor is noticed.

It’s telling when someone comes into your home and doesn’t realize there’s a cat. The lavender scented litter adds to the nasal pleasantry.

Scooping is where troubles begin. Clumps don’t hold together very well, but a standard scooper still gets the job done. Dust can be a problem when cleaning the box, but it clears quickly.

Unfortunately, even with a decent quality litter mat, granules and powder can still be found on the ground in the cat’s wake. Be sure to have a broom handy.

The final verdict shows which of the two litters is superior. If the defining difference would be the odor, corn-based wins by a landslide. Testimonials on the company’s website back up this claim.

What kind of litter do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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