Wreck-It Ralph Review: The Arcade Has Never Looked So Great!

Wreck-It Ralph Review: The Arcade Has Never Looked So Great!

If there is one thing that has been established again and again, it’s that movies and video games don’t mix well.

Wreck-It Ralph, released in theaters today, has turned that perception completely upside down!

The story follows Wreck-It Ralph, the baddie from the game Fix-It Felix Jr.

After 30 years of being the bad guy, Ralph has finally had enough and jumps to other games to find his own glory.

Unfortunately, his actions have grave consequences, as the fate of the arcade hangs in the balance.

The plot is very familiar, featuring an outcast’s adventure; but that’s not to say that this theme does not work for the story. My only nitpick to the story’s pacing is that I was hoping that Ralph would explore more game worlds. But with even that issue, the story still worked.

The film features four major characters, Wreck-It Ralph, played by John C.Reilly, Vanellope von Schweetz, played by Sarah Silverman, Fix-It Felix, played by Jack McBreyer and Jane Lynch as Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun.

Each of the central characters fit their roles perfectly with the performances also living up to their character development. The rest of the cast features a variety characters, from the villain to just video game cameos. The cast and characters of Wreck-It Ralph is a solid ensemble.

The film’s animation is terrific. It may not look it, but Wreck-It Ralph features a variety of animation styles that accurately portray each video game world. From high definition to 8 bit sprites, this film expresses animation in a way that is not seen in many films.

Along with the animation is the film’s humor, which ranges from puns to funny video game references. Needless to say, the fun of Wreck-It Ralph is indeed aimed at both kids and adults.

Wreck-It Ralph is as entertaining as it memorable. The film is not only a must see animated film, it’s something that both gamers and moviegoers will enjoy. I give it 4 out of 5 hats.

Have you seen Wreck-It Ralph? Leave your own review in the comments section below!

Oh and the animated short, The Paperman, is one of the best I have seen from Disney with its incredibly unique use of animation.

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