Writer’s Digest is hosting a webinar Thursday March 10th at 1:00 pm EST. The duration of this webinar is 75 minutes. The webinar proposes that attendees will gain insight into strategies used by the speaker on making additional money while awaiting literary contracts. They encourage fulltime freelance writers and aspiring novelist to attend.

The speaker for this Thursday’s webinar is I.J Schecter, a bestselling author. Expected topics will go over the basis of corporate writing and how corporate downsizing may benefit the freelance writer. Tips on building a broad client base and provide estimations on average project compensation. According to Writer’s Digest, “No matter what kind of writing you’ve done so far, if you’re a good storyteller who can communicate well, you’re already qualified for the job! This webinar will show you exactly how to get it.”

Audio presentation can be delivered either by telephone or computer speakers live, while the webinar is in progress. The power point presentations are presented over the internet and you will be able to participate in live question and an answer after the presentation is complete.

The cost for registration is $79.00

The next Webinar hosted by Writer’s Digest “How to write a Dynamite Mystery of Thriller That Sells” is April 14, 2011 at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. Registration is required for all participants.