Xbox One Smartglass: Details & Features Revealed!

Xbox One Smartglass: Details & Features Revealed!


Xbox Smartglass, as many of you may know, is Microsoft’s attempt to integrate their gaming console with the mobile devices that are already in the hands of consumers.

The true aim of Smartglass, as stated by Microsoft, is to create a consistent, seamless, and of course, Xbox branded entertainment experience across all devices.

The current version of the service (for Xbox 360) has been met with some success but, like with most first generation products, still has a ways to go before it  can live up to its potential.

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft  intends to pour a great deal of resources into Smartglass integration.

The goal is to drastically improve the service so that it can finally live up to user expectations and, hopefully, become a truly unique and integrated experience.

New Features

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One was designed from the ground up with Smartglass integration in mind. As you would expect, there will be a plethora of features that were simply not possible in previous (360) generation of the software.

Here are some of the additional features being added to Smartglass that will, if they work as promised, surely take us a couple steps closer to that future becoming a reality.

  • Speed Improvements (Up to 3 times faster)

  • Xbox Live Matchmaking (Direct from Smartglass)

  • Multiple Connected Devices (up to 16)

  • A New Help Button (Gives Tips and Trick)

  • TV integration  (Control Live Satellite TV Stations)

  • New OneGuide Feature (Allows You To Easily Navigate Through Your Media)

Developer Support

Ok ok. I know what most of you are really here for. You want to know how this new version of Smartglass will impact the way we game.

From personal experience, I know the reality of using Smartglass as a gaming controller is wonky to say the least. As it is obvious to me, I am sure that most game developers are (hopefully) fully aware of this as well and are looking for ways to integrate, rather than patch, Smartglass into their games in a way that is truly compelling to gamers.

Microsoft claims to be working very closely with developers in order to ensure that gaming with Smartglass becomes a truly enjoyable experience. Here are a few of the possibilities we have seen so far (from the E3 press conference):

How And Where Can You Get it?

Like with the previous incarnation of the service, Xbox One Smartglass will come in the form of a free mobile application for both smartphone and tablet devices. Smartglass (for Xbox One) will be available for download on Windows phone (8), IOS and Android app stores (unlike the current version).

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