Xbox One Unboxing & Release Date Revealed!
Xbox One

Xbox One Unboxing & Release Date Revealed!

Xbox One

The tech giant Microsoft has recently uploaded a video to YouTube showing the un-boxing, done by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, of their yet to be released gaming console (video below).

This comes as a surprise not only due to premature nature of this un-boxing, but also, the fact that it has been done by none other than Microsoft themselves ( instead of a Joe Shmoe ).

The Console

The Xbox One console itself is a hulking black machine with an 8 core X86 processor, 8 gigs of RAM and  a 500 gigabyte hard drive.

Ahead of its time, the Xbox One also supports the newly developed 4k display resolution, as well as  an HDMI IN port allowing owners to connect either their satellite or cable box to the Xbox One for TV viewing. The rest of the features shown off are standard fare for any next gen console such as  inbuilt WiFi, blu ray support, and a few high speed USB 3.0 ports.

The Controller

Anybody familiar with the previous Xbox controllers will feel right at home with the newly designed offering from Microsoft. The controller retains its familiar, and now iconic, design with a few slight tweaks to the d’pad and the addition of what Microsoft calls “impulse triggers” which delivers more precise  “fingertip” vibration feedback.

The controller also comes with a handy “charge as you play” feature sure to be a hit with hardcore gamers in those 20+ hour gaming sessions.

 The Sensor

The new iteration of the  Xbox Kinect sensor has also received its share of upgrades. The Kinect now boasts a 1080p resolution camera as well as improved gesture and voice control.

The Kinect is also a vital part of Xbox One’s new “always on” feature which allows users to use voice commands to both turn on, and control their console.

The Mike

The headset that comes with the Xbox One seems, on the surface, to be pretty standard fair but Microsoft claims to have  improved both the audio quality as well as comfort.

I would like to have seen a Bluetooth version come standard with the console but, I am sure that these will be purchasable from Microsoft ( at a premium ), or from third party providers.

One can assume that the model being shown in this video is representative of the standard edition Xbox One. Shoppers can expect similar, if not the same, gadgets to be included in their boxes come November 2013.

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