Youtube has confirmed it will soon release Music Key, the Ad free streaming subscription service.

This service is aimed at those who to whom music is paramount to life’s enjoyment and not just the irritating sound coming from the neighbours house.

For the monthly cost of $7.99, you will be able to enjoy your music and music videos without be subjected audio advertising.

Starting next week the service will be online to beta groups for testing for a short period before being released to the public in America and a few European countries.

Along with the paid subscription, Youtube will offer new ways of enjoying music to both the free and paid user.

There will be a new tab to recommend music, playlists and videos based on popularity. This could be very irritating to those of us with strict musical tastes, as we have tried earnestly to avoid anything related to the Bieber’s and Cyruses of the music world.

One interesting new facet will be the ability to view an artists entire collection of albums from their profile pages. Also their videos and other related content can be accessed from the profile.

Even more interesting will be to find out how many are willing to pay for content that is also available for free, provided you listen to an Ad first.

Will you be subscribing?