Search warrants in the Zahra Baker murder investigation were unsealed Tuesday revealing many unknown details including what stepmother, Elisa Baker, told the police in November.

According to the documents released in court, Elisa confessed in November that 10 year old Zahra Baker had in fact died on September 24, about two weeks before she was reported missing by her parents.

The stepmother then alleges that Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, dismembered the body the following day and disposed of it in various locations including the Christie Road and Dudley Shoals Road areas.

The records do not indicate that Elisa ever divulged how Zahra had died, however information in the records show that her story may not ring entirely true.

The documents show that police were able to verify through phone records that Adam Baker’s cell phone was never at the locations described by Elisa as where the body was disposed of. However, Elisa’s phone was shown to have been there.

The records also detail an intriguing relationship between Elisa and her ex-husband, Aaron Young. Accord to the documents, Adam Baker believed Young to be his wife’s brother. The police are still attempting to obtain Young’s phone records for vital information in the investigation.

There were numerous reports and allegations of child abuse against Elisa that have been or were still being investigated by the authorities. These accusations go back as far as 1999 and include not only Zahra Baker but also Elisa’s biological children.

The Zahra Baker case received national attention when she was reported missing on October 9. On October 10 Elisa Baker was arrested on unrelated charges. After confessing to writing a fake ransom note, Elisa was charged with obstruction of justice on October 12 and the police canceled the Amber Alert and switched to a homicide investigation. After more than a month of searching, investigators announced they had recovered remains believed to belong to the ten year old girl.

No one has been charged yet in the case.