Zynga Takes Steps Toward More Independence From Facebook

Zynga Takes Steps Toward More Independence From Facebook

On Thursday, Zynga relaunched its website, Zynga.com, and also announced that it will no longer require players to log in using a Facebook account.

Players will have the option to create their own account on Zynga.com. One perk of having a Zynga.com login is the ability to create a unique online identity – logging in using Facebook displays the player’s name.

Players can choose to continue using their Facebook account if they prefer to.

“We also wanted to make sure that existing Zynga.com players continue to have the best experience possible so you don’t have to start from scratch,” wrote Cadir Lee on Zynga’s blog. “All players will have the option to connect with Facebook and keep your game friends and game progress, while deciding what you share with your gaming community.”

Zynga and Facebook have a long history together. In July of 2007, Zynga released Texas Hold’Em Poker (now known as Zynga Poker) specifically for the Facebook platform.

Zynga took advantage of Facebook’s sharing features to encourage players to invite their friends to play the games. As time went on, the popularity of Zynga’s games grew substantially, resulting in increased revenue for Facebook. In 2011, about 12 percent of Facebook’s revenue was attributed to Zynga.

More independence from Facebook comes at a cost. Facebook plans to restrict Zynga’s access to friend lists. Players will only be able to see friends that they have interacted with in the past, such as friends they have sent gifts to in FarmVille.

In addition, players will no longer be able to view friends that play other Zynga games. Cadir Lee, Zynga’s chief technology officer, reports that the company is exploring other ways to connect players, such as Gmail and Yahoo.

These changes aren’t surprising. In November of 2012, Zynga and Facebook agreed to amend their terms of agreement. Part of the agreement stated that Zynga.com was no longer obligated to use Facebook’s ads and currency, or to produce games solely for the Facebook platform. The trade-off is that Zynga lost its right to use Facebook data to promote its games that are not on Facebook.

Zynga is the creator of popular games such as FarmVille, Maria Wars, Café World, and Zynga Poker.

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