As of today, Google is renaming the Android Market. The new name will be the Google Play Store.

Android Market had became well-known as Google’s Android app store, but not as well known for other content it contained. The new Google Play Store name is intended to clarify the Google has more than apps in their store . They also have music, e-books, videos, and other digital products, previously sold under the Android Market – and other names –  that will all be wrapped into the Google Play Store. It will now be a single source for a variety of digital content sold through Google.

The new branding can be seen online right now. An update rebranding the store on Android smartphones and tablets will be sent out throughout the next week. Analysts say the move will help Google go head to head with its top digital product competitors, Apple and Amazon.

Google promotes the new store as “a digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favorite music, movies, books and apps on.” One of the major advantages, according to Google, is that Google Play is cloud based. Purchased content can be stored online and used on the web, or any Android phone or tablet. Cloud based storage is not a huge advantage in itself, as Apple and Amazon also feature cloud storage with their digital content. However, Google cloud storage will have an advantage in that such a wide range of available devices run on Android.

A video that Google released along with the name change is below:

An update on this story is available here.