Here’s the challenge…

You, the reader, want and deserve completely honest consumer news and information.

Consumer Press wants to give you exactly that – while also providing a way for our journalists to earn revenue and our site to be funded. 

Many journalists and publishers earn money by including commission based ‘affiliate’ links in their articles or accept payments for ‘sponsored’ content.

In a world with limited opportunities for journalists and publishers to earn money, that’s completely understandable. 

But it’s also a problem. 

Can you completely trust what you read if the writer and publisher are hoping to make a commission on you buying what they are writing about, or if they are hoping to get jobs for more ‘sponsored’ content?


So here’s what we do at Consumer Press:

    – On Our Site –

On Consumer Press, we do not include any commission/affiliate links nor sponsored content in our articles. 

We do include advertisements in our articles. The advertisements are presented through Google AdSense. 

By using Google AdSense, neither our journalists nor publisher directly control the content or topic of the advertisements. 

This provides us with an editorial wall between the advertisements being displayed and the content being written.

Consumer Press journalists are therefor able to write honestly, whether they love or hate a product, without the need to sell what they are writing about to earn income.

Consumer Press provides participating journalists with a 70% share of the ad views on their articles. For more information on our ad sharing program for writers, visit Write at Consumer Press.

     – Youtube and CP Perks & Discounts  –

While we strive to be uninfluenced by affiliate links, there are certain times when they are a more practical solution when it comes to monetizing our content and offering services to our members. 

On Youtube, rather than disrupting the video with ads, we often include affiliate links. We include a clear disclaimer in the summary notifying viewers of their use.

Members of our free CP Perks and Discounts program may also receive affiliate links as part of special promotions or discounts that are part of an overall affiliate offer.

If you have questions, concerns, or have discovered inappropriate sponsored or affiliate links on Consumer Press, please contact us.