How We’re Funded

Here’s the challenge…

You, the reader, want and deserve completely honest consumer news and information.

Consumer Press wants to give you exactly that – while also providing a way for our journalists to earn revenue and our publication to be funded.

Here’s how we manage it.

We publisher three types of articles:

News & Consumer Info

We do not include affiliate links in our consumer news and info articles.

Our consumer experts focus on honest reporting, not selling you something.

Because of that, we do not allow affiliate links, marketing links, or sponsored links in these articles.

You will see links in our news and info articles to sites being discussed or that are related to the story in some manner, and links to sources of information in the story. Those links are intended to give you context and the ability to do your own research and follow up.

Our news and info articles do include display and other advertisements delivered through a third party service called Google AdSense. Participating reporters earn a share of the ads being displayed, but do not know what companies or products will be promoted on the articles they write.

Consumer Guides

Consumer Press also offers shopping guides that are clearly marked as including affiliate links.

With these articles, Consumer Press earns a commission on products you might purchase after clicking on the link.

We have a wide range of products we can include in our guides, and we do not limit ourselves to recommending only products that we make a commission on.

We make every effort to provide fair, honest, evaluations and recommendations in our guides,

While you are certainly under no obligation to click on an affiliate link when considering the purchase of a product in our guide, we hope that you do as a way to support our ongoing mission of providing helpful, useful, consumer reporting to our readers.

Coming Soon!

We’ll soon have a way for you to support quality consumer news journalism by becoming a patron of Consumer Press. Stay tuned for the big announcement!