How We’re Funded

Here’s the challenge…

You, the reader, want and deserve completely honest consumer news and information.

Consumer Press wants to give you exactly that – while also providing a way for our journalists to earn revenue and our publication to be funded.

Here’s how we manage it.

Up Front & Honest

Our consumer experts focus on honest reporting, not selling you something.

Affiliate (Commission) Links

Some, but not all, of our posts contain affiliate links.

Consumer Press may earn a small commission if you click on these links and then purchase something. This helps us fund our efforts here and we appreciate your support.

Affiliate links do not influence the reporting on the item or topic of the story.

Not all of our links are affiliate links. You will see additional links to sites being discussed or that are related to the story in some manner, and links to sources of information in the story. Those links are intended to give you context and the ability to do your own research and follow up.

Affiliate links can be easily recognized by the small green clickable information icon like this just after the link.

You are certainly under no obligation to click on our affiliate links when considering the purchase of products mentioned in our articles, but we hope that you do as an easy way to support our ongoing mission of providing helpful, useful, consumer reporting to our readers.

Display Ads

Our articles  also include display and other advertisements delivered through a third party service called Google AdSense. Participating reporters earn a share of the ads being displayed, but do not know what companies or products will be promoted on the articles they write.

Sponsored Posts

We also accept a number of sponsored posts.

We review each sponsored post for accuracy. Sponsored posts must provide helpful tips and information for consumers to qualify for placement on our site. They generally include a link to the sponsor’s website or product mention, but they are not allowed to make a “sales pitch”.

Each sponsored post is identified as sponsored in the byline just under the article title and includes an orange clickable information icon like this

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