I Use A Generic Version Of Muro 128 – It Works Great & Costs Less

I Use A Generic Version Of Muro 128 – It Works Great & Costs Less

I’ve dealt with my share of eye issues.

Cornea transplants, wedge resections, IOLs…

And now of course, dry eyes, probably related to all the above, and with my dry eyes came corneal erosion.

My eye doctor had me using Systane Nighttime Ointment, though eventually I found that Systane Gel Drops were more to my liking – here’s my report on that.

Eventually though, the dry eye and corneal erosion issues reasserted themselves.

My doctor said to get “Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Solution Eye Drops 5%” and to use it religiously. She said it was basically salt water (okay, “saline solution”).

I was doubtful, but she said it really works. So I got some.

Ow – it stings. It’s like putting salt water in your eyes!

It only stings for a moment though. I just plan it out so I can close my eyes for a minute afterwards, brush my teeth or whatever. After a short while it’s okay.

But you know what – my doctor was right. It works. My eyes have been so much better since I started using this stuff about six months ago. Using it twice a day, I have not had any further issues with corneal erosion.

Here’s the bite though. Over the counter it’s expensive!

Bauch and Lomb’s Muro 128 costs between $36 to $40 for 15ml at most of the pharmacies I checked, and often it has to be special ordered.

So I talked to my doctor again and she said to get the generic version from Amazon. It’d be a lot cheaper and I’d get it faster.

And she was right again 🙂

So now I’m using Rugby Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Solution Eye Drops 5% purchased from Amazon  and I get three 15ml bottles for about half the price of one bottle of Muro 128.

And… it works.

Just to be clear, I’m not providing any medical advice here – just comparing products. Talk to your eye doctor about any eye conditions you have.

But in my personal experience, the generic version of Muro 128 I picked up at Amazon is just as effective as the brand name version – and costs a whole lot less.

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