In Times LIVE, Julian Assange said he is expected to receive $1.5 Million dollars for his up-coming autobiography. He will be working with British-owned Canongate Books which is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and will also be publishing an American edition through Alfred A. Knopf.

In that report, he said he would be receiving $800,000 from Alfred A. Knopf and $500,000 from the British-owned Canongate. The Canongate edition is expected to be out between March and April.

However, in the Huffington Post there was a report stating he was receiving $325,000 from Canongate, but he said he expected to make more money and thought  “the market and the serialisation would raise it to $1.1 Million”.

He is not the only one who will be earning money from his Wikileaks story. Another book will be coming out from a former spokesman of Wikileaks. Daniel Domscheit-Berg, also known as Daniel Schmitt, will be writing a book of his own.

Assange also told Britain’s Sunday Times that he really isn’t interested in writing a book. Assange admitted “I have already spent 200,000 pounds for legal costs and I need to defend myself and keep Wikileaks afloat.”  Wikileaks was recently blocked by Visa, Mastercharge and Paypal.

Currently living at a friend’s country mansion in England, Assange is free on bail after having been arrested on a European Arrest Warrant for sexual charges that were lodged against him in Sweden.  He is required to report to the authorities daily and has to wear an electronic tag so they can track his location. He is expected back in court on February 7th.

In further news about Assange’s finances, it was recently announced he is earning a salary that is roughly $86,000 a year from his ties to Wikileaks.