A new deal that was presented by Walmart today is sure to be popular among people that use or want to buy something from the iTunes store. The store chain announced that they will be offering the $100 iTunes gift card for just $80.

For $80, you get $100 that can be used in the iTunes store for videos, apps and music for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The system works in a very simple way, but there might be a problem for some customers.

Walmart will send a PIN number through email and an iTunes store code that can be utilized to redeem the $100 credit. The time needed to receive the PIN after the purchase is made is expected to be just minutes most of the time. But due to possible backlogs, you might end up having to wait up to 48 hours until the code is received.  That long of a delay may foil shoppers who are hoping to get the iTunes Gift Card as a last minute gift for someone else.

You cannot return the gift cards, and it is necessary to provide your name and other details to Walmart. According to Fortune, the store chain policy allows it to share information with third parties and not just within its own corporate companies family.

How much time do shoppers have to get in on this deal? Unknown. Walmart has not said how much time the deal will run. In addition, the offer is only valid for the $100 iTunes card, not for other gift cards with different amounts.

In related news, Apple has been offering a $100 iTunes Back-To-School Gift Card to students who purchase select Apple products. Apple is still running the ads for that deal on their site, though it officially expired yesterday.

Will you be headed to Walmart to get an iTunes Gift Card from Walmart today – or have you already done so? Leave your comments below!