The Results are in. Teresa Scanlan, 17 year old, from Nebraska is the new Miss America.

The young pianist is the youngest winner in history and claims that her age will help the contest regain relevance while she plans to travel in order to fight against eating disorders.

Teresa Scanlan said that it does not matter where you are from and that people can accomplish their dreams. Miss America 2011 is a great story as she comes from a really small town and managed to win the prestigious title.

The teenager’s age was a problem for the judges and they thought a lot about it. According to Marc Cherry, Desperate Housewives creator, praised Miss America by saying that he was at first skeptic but when he saw her being aware of all that happens around the world he was “sold”.

Teresa Scanlan received a $50,000 scholarship and a diamond tiara. In the near future she plans to get a law degree and become a criminal attorney.