Sons Of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter Reveals Plans For Season 7 [Updated]

Sons Of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter Reveals Plans For Season 7 [Updated]

Kurt Sutter revealed recently that the highly anticipated season 7 of Sons Of Anarchy will air this September, similar to past seasons.

Sutter,  the shows creator, told fans on his YouTube blog that filming is set to begin in May for what is going to be the series final season.  Episode 1 has been written and they are currently working on episodes 2 and 3.

Sutter also gave fans a teaser about the final season, saying it will be “a satisfying conclusion for fans..”  He also said that the finale is staying true to his vision for the show.

That little soundbite is a real treat for SOA fans as the brilliant, but sometimes controversial, Sutter is notorious for revealing  little teasers about story lines.

Sutter tweeted a new piece of information earlier today: Grim Bastards, an ally of SAMCRO will be returning for season 7.

Mike Beach, who plays Grim Bastards president T.O. Cross confirmed this latest bit of news.

Sons of Anarchy is the hit phenomena about the drama-filled world of motorcycle clubs on cable’s FX station.

Charlie Hunnam stars as the shows central character, anti-hero Jax Teller. The cast also includes: Ron Perlman, Katey Segal, Tommy Flannagan, Maggie Siff, Jimmy Smits and Kim Coates.

Sons of Anarchy has been on for 6 seasons.  You can buy the first 5 season on DVD, Netflix or Amazon (season 6 is not yet available).

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