Amazon’s TV Box might be unveiled this coming Wednesday, April 2, if rumors prove to be true.

 Amazon is holding an event that day and has passed out invitations saying they will: “offer an update on its video business.”

This mysterious line has many industry insiders believing that Amazon will be unveiling its much- talked- about TV Box.

Amazon’s TV Box will allow users to stream video to TV, game play, and access music and other multi-media applications.

It appears Amazon will be putting out both a dongle (stick) like Google Chromecast, and a set-top box akin to Apple TV, making them a top contender in this ever-expanding TV market.

The set-top box will give users access to Amazon’s TV catalog, music libraries, and on-demand films.

It will also support competitors services, such as Netflix.

According to Tech Crunch gamers should be really intrigued, as it is expected the device will not only stream smartphone and tablet games, but also full PC and Mac titles too.

Consumer Press will let you know when new information is available, so check back with us.

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