As Consumer Press reported yesterday, Amazon unveiled its new set-top Fire TV yesterday. Initial reviews from the industry are in and it appears its a toss-up .

On the positive side the one feature that everyone is buzzing about, the voice-recognition search function, is being called one of the devices greatest assets

Unlike other voice-recognition programs, it does not need to learn your voice, so anyone in your home  can use this feature.

Its quite simple to use: just hold down the microphone button, say what your looking for, then release the button.  Your words will appear as text on the screen.  Just click on what you want to see.

It also does not require specific search words: you can search by movie title, actor, genre ,TVshow, or service provider.   Apps and games can be searched too.

On the down side, Amazon is missing services currently found on RokuHBO Go, NHL GameCenter, NBA League Pass, MLB TV, Major League Soccer, Epix, the WWE Network, SlingPlayer, Vudu and  Redbox.

Also, its gaming system can not stand up to Sony or Microsoft: it does not have an online multi-player service, which most gamers want and can get on Playstation and XBox systems.

It is still too early for a final review; Amazon is planning to continue to add services.  Late last night they issued a press release saying that the WWE Network and MLB TV are coming soon.

Consumer Press will continue to update you as this story develops.

Check out the demo for Fire TV’s voice recognition below.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.