2 Broke Girls – A Sitcom Filled With Yummy Goodness

2 Broke Girls – A Sitcom Filled With Yummy Goodness

Max and Caroline are "broke" on 2 Broke Girls

When I first heard of the sitcom 2 Broke Girls, I thought, why would I want to watch two girl’s struggles? Then one day I wandered downstairs and caught an episode while my daughters were watching it. I became unexpectedly attached to the mixture of zany and dry wit from the cast.

Most people have been through some type of personal recession in their life time, even the rich. When the days of fun in the sun are gone and the money well runs dry, everyone is left to pick up the pieces. The storyline in 2 Broke Girls grabs people’s attention because at one point people have had a grand dream that they wanted to make come true.

In 2 Broke Girls the audience relates to the hardships the two girls, Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline ( Beth Behrs), go through. Because in some little way, we either are ,or were them. The shows second season premiered on September 24th at 9pm on CBS.

The story is set in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Max Black is an edgy waitress working in the Williamsburg Diner. The diner’s decor is a throw back to the 70’s. Max has a mouth on her and is street wise. She had an absentee father, and her mother from Max’s stories of her, was never really there for her either. One night Max strikes up an unlikely friendship with down and out rich girl Carolyn Channing.

Caroline Channing was raised in an upper crust society (practically with a silver spoon in her mouth), until her father Martin Channing (Steven Weber) is arrested for a Bernie Madoff  type ponzi-scheme and thrown in prison. This leaves Caroline poor and homeless. After meeting Max, Carolyn gets a waitressing job in the Williamsburg Diner, and she discovers Max’s homemade cupcakes. Carolyn is a graduate of Wharton Business School and  talks Max into creating a cupcake business.

Each week viewers watch as Max an Carolyn work towards their goals to become cupcake entrepreneurs. While both girls wait for lighting to strike, they continue to work in the Williamsburg Diner. The diner is filled with  a sharp and funny cast.

2 Broke Girls main cast:

Han Lee (Matthew Moy) – Williamsburg Diner owner. A short Korean man who is the butt of his employees jokes.

Oleg (Jonathan Kite) – The Ukrainian cook who thinks of himself as a ladies man.

Earl ( Garrett Morris)- The cashier and a former Jazz musician.

Sophie Kerchinsky (Jennifer Coolidge) – A Polish immigrant who owns her own cleaning business. She is a love interest of Oleg and sometimes helps the girls by letting them work for her business.

Each of these characters is like a cupcake ingredient, separate they are good, but together they make a fine mix. There are plenty of laughs and poignant moments in 2 Broke girls- kind of like life.

The complete season one of 2 Broke Girls is available on DVD and Blue Ray. For instant viewing season one is available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes (also in HD).

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