2 Broke Girls S5 E19: “And The Attack Of The Killer Apartment”

In 2 Broke Girls S5 E19, Caroline walks up to a customer in the diner and says, “Here is your check, sorry about the entire experience!”

It’s hilarious how Max and Caroline never hide how crappy that diner is. The honesty is refreshing.

The customer then offers to give Caroline a tip in the form of a massage. How cheap is that?  However, the massage… ended up being pretty good.

All she is thinking about these days is how to get a liquor licence. It’s funny how she has evolved from being a spoiled upper Eastern to a Brooklyn business woman.

Randy was featured in this episode. It’s still weird to me that Max has a super tall, handsome Adonis as a boyfriend. I hope this one sticks, otherwise i will start assuming the writer of 2 Broke Girls has something against these two finding true love. The men they meet are either married, pretending to be poor, or both. Nobody is that unlucky in love.

Randy asks to sleepover at their “slum” and ends up meeting Nail Patrick Harris. The blood scene was unreal, I felt pity for poor Caroline. Then Randy called Max and Caroline’s landlord to fix the nail on the floor to avoid it hurting anyone else. This was sweet, except the girls are not on the lease of the apartment and therefore could be thrown out. However, Randy talked to the landlord and the girls got to keep their apartment.

Ha-Ha Bits

Randy: Hey, Earl. Saw your rant on Twitter last night and I agree; what self-respecting Sizzler runs out of Sprite?

Earl: I put that on Twitter? I thought I was writing an email to my brother.

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