2 Chicago Firefighters Killed – KFD Reacts

Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum are the names of the 2 Chicago firefighters killed after a roof collapsed and trapped them inside. Around a dozen firefighters were caught and the others escaped, although injured.  

Larry Lanford, fire department spokesman, declared that both men died because of trauma.

On the whole the fire also injured 17 firefighters. The only good news is that those injuries are not life threatening. At the moment of the tragedy firefighters were on the roof and inside the building. They were looking for people that might be trapped and hot spots. The firefighters killed were among the ones inside.

According to the official statement released the entire incident was a huge tragedy. There were no signs that the roof might collapse and the firefighters followed procedure, trying to help people. After the incident all firefighters tried to save their colleagues but Ankum and Stringer could not have been saved.

The death of the Chicago Firefighters was felt by all firefighters from around the country. Captain Chris Dyer of KFD (Knoxville Fire Department) also made a statement after being among the people that saw how firefighters were scrambling through the remains of the house.  He said that this is the first firefighter fatality since the 70s and that it is hard not to get affected by such a loss. Firefighters are united and the loss is mourned by all of them.

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