The newest coins in the American Gold Eagle Proof Sets from the United States Mint go on sale today at noon. The 2011 sets are fashioned in 22 karat gold.

The front side of the coin features a full-figured Lady Liberty carrying a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other as she steps forward with the Capitol building in the background and sunrays rising up around her. The reverse side features a male bald eagle carrying an olive branch and flying to a nest filled with a female eagle and some eaglets.

The American Gold Eagle Proof Coins are made from real gold and weigh in between 1/10 of an ounce to 1 ounce. Each coin carries a legal tender value of between $5 (1/10 ounce) and $50 (1 ounce). Collectors can purchase single coins or all four at once.

The coins are being packaged in satin-lined boxes with blue velvet interior. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

No household ordering limits have been set for the 2011 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins. However, maximum production levels have been established for each individual coin.

The price for the coins is based on the current average market price for gold from the previous week. The one ounce coin will start at $1,735.00; the half-ounce coin will initially sell for $881.00; the quarter-ounce coin holds a current price of $453.00; and the one-tenth ounce coin starts at $195.50. The entire proof set can be purchased for $3,215.50.

The 2011 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins can be purchased online at beginning at noon Eastern Standard Time.