Across the US, and the world, the excitement is building as Super Bowl fans prepare for a football game that some  are predicting will be the most watched ever.

It will help that, for the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be streamed live online for free (well… at least the first time it has been done legally). and have announced they will have live coverage of Super Bowl XLVI at Streaming will also be available through Pregame 2012-Super-Bowlactivities have already begun on the live streams, and the game is scheduled to kick off 6:30 pm Eastern standard Time.

The streams will be taken from NBC’s TV coverage, but there will be some extras as well. To add interactivity, the action will be viewable from different angles, there will be live statistics, and in-game highlights.

During the Super Bowl halftime show, starring Madonna, NBCsports online stream will feature game analysis by Randy Moss and Mike Florio. It’s unclear from their announcement if the halftime show will also be shown on the live feed.

Late last week, federal authorities shut down 16 sports streaming sites, and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara warned fans away from illegitimate streaming sites.