2013 Mini Coopers | 10 New Models | First Up – 3 Door Hatchback

The next-generation of Mini Cooper will go on sale in 2013 and is set to spawn ten different models.

The first Mini Cooper to be released will be the three-door hatchback.

The new range will supposedly be based on a new BMW platform called UKL1. These automobiles will contain three-cylinder engines with power ranging from 120-160 hp.

The UKL1 platform may permit Minis that have all-wheel-drive, as well as a hybrid or electric model. A smaller model could go into production with an electric drivetrain.

The BMW Minis are expected to compete with the likes of the Audi A1 and A3, as well as the Mercedes Benz A- and B- class.

According to Automobile Mag, if Autocar’s predictions are correct, 15 different vehicles will be built on the UKL1 chassis, making it BMW’s most prolific new vehicle platform. The third-generation Mini Cooper line should be revealed by late 2012 and will most likely go on sale in 2013. Any BMW variants of the new UKL1 cars are also expected to debut around 2013.

Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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