Consumer Press is 3 for 4 so far in the 2014 NBA draft.

So far the draft has gone just as we thought it would-here are the highlights:

As expected, the Cleveland Cavaliers took Andrew Wiggins as the 1st pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

Wiggins is a small forward from Kansas who was touted as one of the top 3 picks for this class of prospects.

He is impressive on both sides of the ball and many fans are hoping he will be playing along side LeBron James (James’ agent announced earlier this week that he will be opting out of his contract to test the free agent market).

The Milwaukee Bucs took Jabari Parker, the power forward from Duke 2nd, which was also predicted earlier today.

Parker is considered to be the  most NBA ready prospect in this draft and is a natural scorer.

Unfortunately for him he was chosen by a Bucs team that will probably not see a playoff game in his lifetime.

The 3rd pick went to the Philadelphia 76ers and they chose Joel Emiid, just like we thought they would.

Emiid, the center from Kansas, was the favorite of this draft class until he had surgery last week for a stress fracture on his foot.

Despite the injury this is a solid pick since in all likelihood he will be 100% after he’s healed.

He has been compared to Serge Ibaka and can become a dominant center with the ability to run, shoot and play defense with the speed of a guard.

It was thought that the Orlando Magic would snatch up Dante Exum 4th, but they surprised everyone and went with power forward Aaron Gordon from Arizona.

Exum, a shooting/point guard from Australia, was chosen 6th by the Utah Jazz.

The “mystery” man of this group, he has a versatile game that translates well anywhere.

If you missed the draft you can catch highlights on ESPN’s Sports Center tonight and tomorrow.

The chart listing the order for round 2 is listed below, courtesy of

Consumer Press will have more news on round 2 for you tomorrow so check back with us.

Who do you think got the best picks in round 1?  Join the discussion below and tell us your opinion.

2014 NBA Draft Second-Round Order
Pick Team
31 Milwaukee Bucks
32 Philadelphia 76ers
33 Cleveland Cavaliers (from Orlando Magic)
34 New York Knicks (from Dallas Mavericks via Boston Celtics)
35 Utah Jazz
36 Milwaukee Bucks (from L.A. Lakers via Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns
37 Toronto Raptors (from Sacramento Kings)
38 Detroit Pistons
39 Philadelphia 76ers (from Cleveland Cavaliers)
40 Minnesota Timberwolves (from New Orleans Pelicans)
41 Denver Nuggets
42 Houston Rockets (from New York Knicks)
43 Atlanta Hawks
44 Minnesota Timberwolves
45 Charlotte Hornets
46 Washington Wizards
47 Philadelphia 76ers (from Brooklyn Nets via Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics)
48 Milwaukee Bucks (from Toronto Raptors via Phoenix Suns)
49 Chicago Bulls
50 Phoenix Suns
51 New York Knicks (from Dallas Mavericks)
52 Philadelphia 76ers (from Memphis Grizzlies via Cleveland Cavaliers)
53 Minnesota Timberwolves (from Golden State Warriors)
54 Philadelphia 76ers (from Houston Rockets via Milwaukee Bucks)
55 Miami Heat
56 Denver Nuggets (from Portland Trail Blazers)
57 Indiana Pacers
58 San Antonio Spurs (from L.A. Clippers via New Orleans Pelicans)
59 Toronto Raptors (from Oklahoma City Thunder via New York Knicks)
60 San Antonio Spurs