Game 1 of the NBA finals  was an intense match-up for 3 quarters until the heat (as in lack of air conditioning) took over in the 4th, forcing LeBron James to ride the bench and sending fans into an uproar as Miami  fell to San Antonio 110-95.

The AT&T Center’s air conditioning went out in the 2nd half and the Heat overheated, without James on the floor.  LeBron left in the final minutes due to severe cramping with the Heat up by 2.  San Antonio never looked back after that, going on a 16-3 run to win the game.

Some fans were quick to judge LeBron and question his toughness while other questioned if the Spurs did it on purpose since LeBron has a history of cramping in extreme heat.

It was a close game throughout and although Miami did lose James there is no guarantee they would have won with him in.  While the air conditioning problem was an unusual one it was a legitimate issue that has been fixed, so tonight’s game will be all about the level of game play.

Game 2 of the NBA finals starts tonight at 8 P.M. (EST) on ABC.  You can also watch it streaming live on WATCHESPN and

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