2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony To Be Rebroadcast

2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony To Be Rebroadcast

The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will be rebroadcast later tonight by NBC.

The Opening Ceremony was originally broadcast in the US at 8 pm (ET) Friday evening, 9 hours after the actual event in Sochi, Russia.

The rebroadcast will be at 1:05 am (ET) Saturday morning, also on NBC.

Combing through NBC’s listings, that appears to be the only time the Opening Ceremony will be rebroadcast on any of their channels over the next week.

However, highlights of the ceremony are available streaming through NBColympics.com.

The ceremony starts with a dream sequence and highlights parts of Russia’s past. The prelude is quite beautiful, with the young girl being taken up high into the imaginary night sky by her soaring kite.

Unfortunately, there was some technical difficulty early on when one of the 5 Olympic rings failed to open.

The parade of athletes then begins… and while it’s fun to watch, it, as is with every Olympics, is quite long.

Afterwards, the dream continues and the performance evolves into a beautiful combination of movement, color, swirling and dancing. The Sochi Opening Ceremonies also includes huge skating mascots, ballet, shoutouts to Russia art and history, speeches, the lighting of the cauldron, and an impressive fireworks show.

There’s no word on whether a DVD of the Opening Ceremonies will be available. NBC did not make an Opening Ceremony DVD available after the 2012 Olympics.

Will you be watching the rebroadcast?

If you’ve already seen the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, what did you think of them?

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