Planning to watch the 73rd annual Golden Globes on your phone or tablet?

Well, you better start making other plans because despite what you may have read NBC is not streaming the awards this year, and neither is anyone else.

In an email to Newsweek, NBC spokeswoman Jill Carmen said that is not streaming any part of the awards, not the arrivals or the ceremony itself.

Reports from other media outlets saying NBC will have live stream access are wrong and should be ignored.

Furthermore, no other outlets have access to stream the ceremony (at least not legally); E! does have permission to stream the red carpet and after-show.

Fans without access to a TV can follow via live updates on the Golden Globes Twitter account and catch all the pre-show and after show coverage from E!

No word on why NBC elected not to live stream the event, as they usually live stream most of their specials.’

The Golden Globe Awards air Sunday night (January 10) on NBC at 8 P.M. EST.

What do you think of NBC’s decision not to stream the Golden Globe Awards?

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