2K Games Humble Bundle Launched

The newest Humble Bundle has launched and it includes numerous titles from developer 2K Games.

Most gamers get their good deals from Steam, but nothing will ever beat the outrageously low prices that you’re able to take advantage of with The Humble Bundle.

What is The Humble Bundle?

For those of you that have never heard of The Humble Bundle: here’s a quick run-down. Customers visit the website and pay what they want. You can pay as low as a dollar.

Usually, the first dollar you pay will get you around three games, then as you increase the amount of money you pay, more games are unlocked. Some people take advantage of these deals and pay as little as $5 for five videogames that hold a retail price of $150. On the other hand, some customers make purchases and pay $1,000.

Before you finalize your purchase, you’re able to choose where your money goes. You can choose to send it all to the developers, a charity, or directly to The Humble Bundle website as a tip.

The Hunble Bundle that was released today runs until July 22, 11 AM PST. All the games in the current bundle have been made by acclaimed developer 2K Games. That’s right, the same minds that brought you the Borderlands series.

It’s also your choice to have your proceeds go to The Humble Bundle, American red Cross, or Action Against Hunger.

You’ll need Steam to play these titles as your purchase will only get you a redeemable Steam code.

Any purchase over $1

Any purchase over the average price (always changing, currently $6.82):

Any purchase $20 or more:

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