3 people have been killed and 8 more injured when a tornado hit Arkansas. A rural fire department was also completely destroyed.

Husband and wife Mamie and Gerald Dean Wilson were near their mobile home when the tornado hit. They were found dead minutes after the event.

The third victim was James Richard Murray. He was milking cows at the time and was found by his neighbor, Nathan Lawrence. It was he that called 911.

Officials stated that the Cincinnati fire department was also destroyed by the tornado. This led to closing most of the roads that lead to the city as power lines were destroyed and debris was everywhere.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado started at around 6 AM near Westville. It then travelled towards Cincinnati. Nobody knows the exact storm path but the recorded wind strength was around 140 mph.

Chuck Hodges, service meteorologist, said that other damage was also reported including a mobile home, 2 barns and a brick home.

A lot of people were lucky as the tornado hit without warning, catching many unprepared. One of the survivors is Chris Sisemore, who told The Associated Press that he was sucked out of his home and then dropped across the road.