32GB Galaxy S4 Now Available On Verizon – $299 On Contract

32GB Galaxy S4 Now Available On Verizon – $299 On Contract

Verizon is now offering the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S4 through their website for $299 on Contract.

Up until now, the carrier has only offered the 16GB version to shoppers ($199 on contract).

According to Verizon, the 32 GB version will be available for shipping starting next Wednesday,  July 3rd. They currently offer free two-day shipping.

Overnight shipping is available for $12.99.

Verizon lists the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S4 as “Available for shipping only” on their website. However, according to a Verizon sales associate we contacted, the phone will be shipped to stores on that same date and should be available soon thereafter.

Verizon does offer month to month service plans – but that raises the price of the 32gb S4 to a whopping $699.99.

It should be noted that both versions of the S4 include a microSD slot that supports up to 64GB of extra storage.

Considering that, is it worth an extra $100 bucks to get the extra 16GB of internal memory?

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