In less than three days, after the unusual fall from the sky by as many as 3500 blackbirds and starlings, mostly blackbirds, residents and officials in both states are left wondering what could have happened to cause the momentous events so close together.

AGFC wildlife officer Robby King was reported to have said that “shortly after he arrived, there were still birds falling from the sky”.

In Arkansas, where the first of the mass bird deaths occurred, it is believed that blood clots had formed in the birds causing them to fall to their deaths. Necropsies showed these results on the birds that were taken back to the lab for study. Some of the Louisiana birds have been taken from the roads to be studied as well. The results of proper lab test results could take weeks, but officials indicate that would be the only way to determine for certainty what caused the mass deaths.

AGFC Ornithologist Karen Rowe was quoted as saying large numbers of birds falling to their death have occurred before, but refused to speculate on the causes until the lab tests were concluded.

Several possibilities have been offered up by the press. Rowe did speculate that “lightning at a high altitude” may have hit the flock.  New Years Even revelers out” shooting could have caused stress” or even people “shooting off fireworks” for the holiday.

As of Monday, in Louisiana, the birds not taken in for study were still on the road.  Cars continued to run over the ones that had not been taken back for study.