38,444 Pontiac G8’s Recalled Over Airbag Concerns

38,444 2008 and 2009 Pontiac G8’s are being recalled by General Motors (GM) due to an air-bag system that may not meet federal standards for head injury protection.

According to GM, there have been no complaints or injuries reported in relation to the air-bag issue.

According to the release from GM, the air-bag sensor could be delayed in the case of a crash, and could put some passengers at an increased risk of head injury. They said the risk was limited, but that small women sitting in the front passenger seat would have a slightly higher risk of injury.

The air-bag sensor will be reprogrammed at GM dealerships to resolve the problem. There will be no charge to G8 owners for this correction.

The Pontiac G8 model was built in Australia and imported to the US. The air-bag issue was discovered in tests conducted in Australia.

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