If the idea of getting 40% off your order at ShopRite for the holidays sounds to good to be true, that’s because it is.

There is a coupon circulating on Facebook, courtesy of Giveaway-Coups .com, offering 40% off at ShopRite, but sadly, it’s a scam.

ShopRite addressed the issue through their Facebook page, saying: “Please be advised that the Giveaway-Coups .com coupon[pictured below] is fraudulent and will NOT be honored at our stores.”

They also have an alert running across the top of their page saying:

“It has come to our attention that an invalid coupon offer is being shared via Facebook. This invalid offer states you can receive 40% off any order by sharing and liking. Please disregard this fraudulent offer as it will not be honored in your local store. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.”

Consumers should be aware that in addition to Giveaway-Coups .com there is also another site, Free-Giftes4u.xyz, promoting the fake coupon.

Anyone looking to save at ShopRite should go to ShopRite.com to see this weeks deals and valid coupons.

What do you think of these sites circulating a phony ShopRite coupon?

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