40 Year Old Virgin Star Receives Life In Jail Sentence

Shelley Malil, who had a small role in the hit movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, received a life in jail sentence in California. This came after he attacked his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, stabbing her 23 times.

The incident took place a year ago. Shelley attacked Kendra due to jealousy. Beebe was drinking wine with David Maldonado. The only good news that came out of this is the fact that she managed to survive the attack and actually testified in the trial against Malil.

The actor might be released through parole after 9 years if he behaves in jail. He does have a good chance of achieving this as throughout the trial he did show remorse and admitted that he deserves what was coming to him. Everyone expected a life sentence, including Malil.

Beebe and Malil started their romance after meeting online and everything seemed to be going well. They eventually split and it was after that, when he went to her to return some items, that the crisis happened.

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