According to analyst Travis McCourt (via MarketWatch), the upcoming 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will cost an extra $100 over the current corresponding iPhone 5S models.

Rumors have been floating around about an iPhone 6 price increase for months, but speculation is starting to become certainty.

However, the iPhone 6 is expected to cause a significant spike in phone-upgrade sales, despite the supposed $100 price jump. This sales boost is typical for Apple’s biannual design updates. Customers “tend” to upgrade to new design models rather than to the intervening S models.

Excitement over the upcoming iPhone is particularly immense this year, as the highly anticipated increase in the device’s dimensions will put it on par with the 5.1 inch Samsung Galaxy S5.

The iPhone 6 is strongly predicted to come in two screen sizes: a 5.5 inch model and a more modest 4.7 inch model. Both would be a significant change over the current 4 inch iPhone 5S. The announcement date for each model is currently unconfirmed, but the 4.7 inch model is rumored to come out sometime in September, with the 5.5 inch model to follow it a month later, if not sooner.

Some consumers, including both those critical and those in favor of Apple, have expressed distain for the company’s decision to increase the sizes of its phones. Many were against the current 16:9 aspect ratio of the iPhone 5 when it was first released. The iPhone 6 will likely maintain that ‘elongated’ shape.

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