5 Great Places to Buy Books Cheap!

I love reading books, but it can be expensive hobby if you read as much as I do.

Over the years I have been hunting for great deals on books and, unsurprisingly, some of the best deals are online.

These are just five of the best places I have found affordable books at:

Better World Books is a site that sells used books at an average of $3.99 per book.

They also have regular sales that allow you to buy three used books and get one used book for free. The truly awesome thing about this website though is, not only are you getting a hoard of books for cheap, but for every book you buy, Better World Books donates a book to someone or an organization in need. They really live up to their name!

Most of the used books they sell come from libraries and as such, they often have barcodes or markings on them. If that does not bother you then Better World Books is a great place to pick up some new literature at.

They also have a huge selection of genres from fiction to cookbooks, and plenty of books in foreign languages including languages were it can be difficult to find books in if you live in the United States like Indonesian and Bengali.

The Book Depository is another website that sells books at decent prices. In my opinion, the greatest thing about the Book Depository besides the prices is its international selection of books.

They have a huge selection of genres and many books in various languages from around the world. If you have ever tried to buy something from Japan, you probably already know how expensive even something as small and simple as a book can get.

High shipping costs is not a problem with the Book Depository. In fact, shipping is free on all books worldwide.

Amazon is, of course, an obvious source for affordable books but it is still worth mentioning. Amazon sells books directly at a discounted price but the real treasure is in buying from independent sellers who are selling through amazon.

It is not unlikely to find books being sold for pennies plus shipping and handling, which means you could end up paying just around $4 for a book. Students can even save a lot of money (and headaches) by buying books from amazon sellers. It is even possible to find textbooks for less than a dollar!

Aside from just physical books though, amazon also has Kindle ebooks and you do not even need a kindle to buy and download kindle ebooks. Amazon has a free e-reader that can be downloaded to your desktop that will allow you to read kindle ebooks from your PC.

Amazon also regularly places ebooks for free so it is possible to build up a huge collection of ebooks for nothing. A lot of ebooks are self-published and sold at very low prices. This gives you more money in your pocket and the fun of discovering a new favorite author.

While we are on the subject of ebooks, Smashwords is a great place to get ebooks. Smashwords is a site that allows people to self-publish their ebooks. They have a large variety of categories and languages. You can find a lot of hidden gems on Smashwords for virtually nothing.

Don’t forget your local Dollar Store! This might seem strange but I have found some very interesting and engaging books at the Dollar Store. You might be surprised at what you find there and as each book is only a dollar, you can’t go wrong at that price.

There you have it! My top five places to buy affordable books from.

Where is your favorite place to buy books from?

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