7 Free Mobile Apps For Shopping Deals And Discounts

With all the shopping discount apps available these days, paying full price on anything is just silly. Free shopping apps let you sort coupons, compare prices, and earn free rewards on things you probably would have bought anyway.

But which ones work and which ones don’t? Here are our recommendations for the top 7 free shopping apps. These choices came from a mixture of ratings scores on both the official download pages and consumer info properties (such as CNET).

Don’t agree with any of them? Let us know in the comments.

1. Goodzer

Goodzer is the self-described “shopper’s best friend.” The free shopping app has a database consisting of over 2 million products. If you’re hunting for the best local deal on something in particular, you can type it into Goodzer and it’ll give you a list of nearby stores that carry it (along with a price comparison and directions to the stores).

Goodzer is available for Apple devices.

2. Groupon

The original Groupon app is still one of the top contenders for free shopping apps. In addition to real-time discounts and local details delivered straight to your smartphone, the app allows users to purchase items through the app directly, without going through a third-party site.

Groupon is available for Android and Apple Devices

3. Amazon Shopping

How many times have you been in a store and wondered if it would just be cheaper to buy something on Amazon? With the Amazon Shopping app, you won’t have to wonder. In addition to giving you mobile access to the whole of Amazon, the app lets you scan barcodes and compare retail stores’ prices with the lowest prices on Amazon. You can also pull up Amazon’s product reviews to see what other people are saying.

Amazon Shopping is available for Android and Apple devices

4. SnipSnap

Still clipping coupons from the paper? Toss the binder and snap a photo of the coupon with your smartphone. SnipSnap saves the photo of the coupon and notifies you if you have a valid coupon for a store you’re in.

SnipSnap is available for Android and Apple devices.

5. LivingSocial

The LivingSocial app is about more than just shopping. They offer daily deals of 50% – 90% off everything from local concerts to cooking classes, all curated based on your city. Their referral bonuses are also a catch: Refer three friends to any deal and you get that deal for free.

LivingSocial is available for Android and Apple devices.

6. RedLaser

RedLaser is similar to the Amazon Shopping app, but with more support for different retailers. The free app uses a built-in barcode scanner to scan items at your local store, the searchs the internet to give you a price comparison for different retailers who offer the same product. From there, you can either hop over to a nearby store or order the item online directly.

RedLaser is available for Android and Apple devices.

7. ShopKick

ShopKick is something of a unique concept, compared to other apps which focus mostly on coupons and price comparisons. By scanning items, buying certain things, or sometimes just visiting certain retailers, you earn “Kickbucks.” Redeem Kickbucks for free stuff or gift cards. It also has a feature to alert users when they’re in a store that has coupons available.

ShopKick is available for Android and Apple devices.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Disagree with any of these choices? Let us know in the comments!

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